Process for Registering as a Dental Laboratory with the Florida Department of Health

Florida dental laboratories are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, Board of Dentistry.
Pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 466.032 Registration:

Every person, firm, or corporation operating a dental laboratory in this state shall register biennially with the department on forms to be provided by the department and, at the same time, pay to the department a registration fee not to exceed $300 for which the department shall issue a registration certificate entitling the holder to operate a dental laboratory for a period of 2 years.

(2) Upon the failure of any dental laboratory operator to comply with subsection (1), the department shall notify her or him by registered mail, within 1 month after the registration renewal date, return receipt requested, at her or his last known address, of such failure and inform her or him of the provisions of subsections (3) and (4).

(3) Any dental laboratory operator who has not complied with subsection (1) within 3 months after the registration renewal date shall be required to pay a delinquency fee of $40 in addition to the regular registration fee.

(4) The department is authorized to commence and maintain proceedings to enjoin the operator of any dental laboratory who has not complied with this section from operating a dental laboratory in this state until she or he has obtained a registration certificate and paid the required fees.

(5) The dental laboratory owner or at least one employee of any dental laboratory renewing registration on or after July 1, 2010, shall complete 18 hours of continuing education biennially. Programs of continuing education shall be programs of learning that contribute directly to the education of the dental technician and may include, but are not limited to, attendance at lectures, study clubs, college courses, or scientific sessions of conventions and research.

(a) The aim of continuing education for dental technicians is to improve dental health care delivery to the public as such is impacted through the design, manufacture, and use of artificial human oral prosthetics and related restorative appliances.

(b) Continuing education courses shall address one or more of the following areas of professional development, including, but not limited to:
(1) Laboratory and technological subjects, including, but not limited to, laboratory techniques and procedures, materials, and equipment; and

(2) Subjects pertinent to oral health, infection control, and safety.
(c) Programs meeting the general requirements of continuing education may be developed and offered to dental technicians by the Florida Dental Laboratory Association and the Florida Dental Association. Other organizations, schools, or agencies may also be approved to develop and offer continuing education in accordance with specific criteria established by the department.

(d) Any dental laboratory renewing a registration on or after July 1, 2010, shall submit a sworn affidavit, on a form approved by the department, attesting that either the dental laboratory owner or one dental technician employed by the registered dental laboratory has completed the continuing education required in this subsection in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of this subsection and listing the date, location, sponsor, subject matter, and hours of completed continuing education courses. The dental laboratory shall retain in its records such receipts, vouchers, or certificates as may be necessary to document completion of the continuing education courses listed in accordance with this subsection. With cause, the department may request that the documentation be provided by the applicant. The department may also request the documentation from applicants selected at random without cause.
(1) This subsection does not apply to a dental laboratory that is physically located within a dental practice operated by a dentist licensed under this chapter.

(2) A dental laboratory in another state or country which provides service to a dentist licensed under this chapter is not required to register with the state and may continue to provide services to such dentist with a proper prescription. A dental laboratory in another state or country, however, may voluntarily comply with this subsection.

To obtain additional information (including registration forms) about dental laboratory registration, contact:

Florida Department of Health
Board of Dentistry
4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin #C06
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3256
phone: 850/488-0595
fax: 850/921-6184